Cornell and Pioneer Pumps Actuator Washer Kit
50CFM Vacuum (Diaphragm) Pump

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About the Product

Our Actuator Washer Kit is designed specifically for Cornell and Pioneer 50CFM Diaphragm (Vacuum) Pumps.

Compatible with Cornell part numbers: A15389Q (Socket Head Cap Screw), A14429C-193-E (Actuator Washer)

Compatible with Pioneer part numbers: 32721301 (Castle/Slotted Nut), 33021103 (Split/Cotter Pin), 33621613 (Actuator Washer)

This kit is crafted with top-tier components, ensuring reliability and durability. It is designed to fit the designated pumps and is securely packaged in vacuum skin packaging within a robust cardboard box. Each kit comes with a quality checklist (bill of materials), and our responsive customer support team is available to address any inquiries or concerns promptly.

Part Number Description Material Qty
KIT-G5C39-0010 Actuator Washer Kit 50CFM Diaphragm Pump
Castle Nut
(Pioneer Version)
304 SS 1
Split/Cotter Pin
(Pioneer Version)
304 SS 1
Actuator Washer
(Cornell & Pioneer Version)
316 SS 1
Socket Head Cap Screw
(Cornell Version)
316 SS 1


Dimensions 135mm (L) x 125mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Weight 0.5kg

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