Pioneer Pumps Solid Bearing/Bush Kit
50CFM Diaphragm (Vacuum) Pump

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About the product

Our Solid Bearing (Bush) Kit tailored for Pioneer 50CFM Diaphragm (Vacuum) Pump.

Compatible with Pioneer parts numbers 30500107 (Lip Seal), 31900404 (Solid Bearing/Bush), 35300510062 (Circlip), 31900401 (Solid Bearing Bush) and 31900402 (Solid Bearing/Bush).

This kit features high-quality components, guaranteed compatibility with the specified pump, and secure packaging in vacuum skin packaging encased in a durable cardboard box. Included is a quality check list (bill of materials), along with easily accessible customer support for any inquiries or concerns.

Part Number Description Material Qty
KIT-G5C39-0002 Solid Bearing/Bush Kit 50CFM Diaphragm Pump
Lip Seal Actuator Shaft Nitrile 1
Solid Bearing/Bush Actuator Shaft PFTE 1
Circlip Fulcrum Pin 2
Solid Bearing/Bush Connecting Rod Top Bronze 3
Solid Bearing/Bush Connecting Rod Bottom PFTE 1


Dimensions 195mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 50mm (H)
Weight 0.5kg

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