Elastomer Kit To Suit Cornell and Pioneer
50CFM Vacuum (Diaphragm) Pump

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About the product

Our custom Elastomer Kit designed specifically for Cornell and Pioneer 50CFM Diaphragm (Vacuum) Pumps.

Compatible with Cornell part numbers: A20598-424-EG (Neck Seal), A20599-424-EG (Actuator Valve), B4306-424-EG (Actuator Seal), A20616-424-EG (Inlet/Outlet Valve), A20625-197-EB (Inlet/Outlet Gasket), A1525O-59-EB (O-ring) and A15251V-59-EB (O-ring).

Compatible with Pioneer part numbers: 12646168 (Neck Seal), 12646169 (Actuator Valve), 12646170 (Actuator Seal), 12646171 (Inlet/Outlet Valve), 33602172 (Inlet/Outlet Gasket), 30148231 (O-ring) and 30147238 (O-ring).

This kit boasts enhanced rubber composition for superior environmental resilience and longevity, ensuring optimal performance. It guarantees seamless compatibility with the designated pumps and is packaged in vacuum skin packaging within a sturdy cardboard box for secure transit. Each kit is accompanied by a thorough quality checklist (bill of materials), and our customer support team is readily available to address any queries or issues.

Part Number Description Material Qty
KIT-G5C39-0003 Elastomer Kit To Suit Cornell and Pioneer 50CFM Diaphragm Pump
Neck Seal EPDM 1
Actuator Valve EPDM 1
Actuator Seal EPDM 1
Inlet/Outlet Valve EPDM 2
Inlet/Outlet Gasket NR 2
O-Ring Bearing Cover DE/NDE Nitrile 2
O-Ring Pedestal Viton 1


Dimensions 375mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 60mm (H)
Weight 1.7kg

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