Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Right to Privacy:

  • The acknowledgment of the importance of protecting an individual’s personal information.
  • Adherence to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles, ensuring legal compliance.

Type of Personal Data Collected

  • Contact and identification information.
  • Professional information, job responsibilities.
  • Credit eligibility information.
  • Consumer credit information. 
  • Details related to the user’s browser, computer, or mobile device, including cookies, geolocation, and analytical information.

Purpose of Personal Data Processing:

  • Communication: Personalized interaction to keep you informed about products and services.
  • Purchase Processing: In-depth handling of financial and logistical aspects during the purchase process.
  • Newsletters: Regular communication through newsletters, catering to both digital and postal preferences.
  • Market Research Commitment to improving business operations, services, and products through market research insights.
  • Website Improvement: Utilizing data analysis of website search behaviour to enhance user-friendliness.
  • The acknowledgment that users are not obligated to provide personal information, with a recognition of potential limitations in service without certain data

How Personal Information is Collected

  • Specific channels for direct collection, such as online registrations, order entry purchases, and various forms, including face-to-face meetings or via email, telephone, or facsimile.
  • The acknowledgment of occasional reliance on external sources, ensuring practicality in information gathering.

With Whom Does PartsBender Share Your Personal Information

  • PartsBender discloses your personal data to third parties when necessary for contractual compliance and, when applicable, to meet legal obligations.
  • This disclosure is always on a confidential basis.

Security of Personal Information

  • PartsBender employs technical and organizational security procedures to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Ensures an appropriate level of security based on the nature of the personal data.
  • A commitment to destroying or de-identifying personal information when it’s no longer required.

Rights to Access, Rectify and Removal

To obtain access to your personal information:

  • You will need to present proof of identity. This is essential to guarantee that personal information is disclosed solely to the rightful individual, safeguarding the privacy of others.
  • PartsBender reserves the right to levy a reasonable administration fee, reflective of the associated costs, for facilitating access in alignment with your request.

Users have Rights to:

  • View: Access personal data.
  • Correct: Modify inaccuracies.
  • Remove: Delete personal data.
  • Withdraw Consent and Object to Processing: Provide control over data usage.
  • Data Portability: Transfer data to another organization.

Cookies and Similar Electronic Mechanisms

  • During your website visit, cookies, are small files placed on your hard drive, phone, or tablet. employs functional cookies essential for website operation and analytics cookies crucial for gathering statistics. While you can configure your browser to reject cookies, it may impact certain functionalities on our website.

How to Contact PartsBender

  • If you would like additional information regarding your personal information, please contact PartsBender at