Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

This warranty policy covers any failures of product, under normal installation, operation, and service, which result from defect in material or workmanship from the invoice date. 

Faulty Product Return

We provide a 1 (One) Year Warranty for all our products or 2,000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first. It is essential to examine the complete terms and conditions, as they detail the scenarios in which the Warranty is applicable. If the Warranty is applicable and there is a significant defect in the product, you can return it to us within the Warranty Period (you are responsible for covering the return shipping expenses. For more information and specific conditions, please refer to the Return and Refund Policy). We will take one of the following actions: repair or replace the defective product or provide a refund for the defective product’s price. However, you will need to fill out and submit, by emailing to admin@partsbender.com, the following “Warranty Application Form” to begin this process. 

Owners Responsibilities

Installation, operation and maintaining the product in accordance with installation, maintenance and repair manuals and guidelines.

Provide proof of purchase (invoice date and number) and “Warranty Application Form”. 

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

The warranty policy does not cover freight damage, improper storage, installation, misuse, accidents, neglect, lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear, repair, or alteration without prior consent from PartsBender.

PartsBender is not responsible for covering expenses related to the removal and re-installation of the product, including associated costs such as rental equipment for product replacement, labour overtime, freight, downtime expenses, fines, applicable taxes, and other losses resulting from a warrantable failure.

This is the only warranty PartsBender Pty Ltd provides for its product. PartsBender does not offer any other warranties, whether explicit or implicit, including merchantability or suitability for a specific purpose. PartsBender Pty Ltd is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages under any circumstances.

Once your returned products arrive at PartsBender, we aim to process it within 14 days.